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2022 the Latest design LOCYOP 6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder,

Do you enjoy staying with friends and drinking some wine or cocktails?

If yes, why not give this little guy a chance? You can get 6 glasses at a time.

Shot Dispenser not only looks attractive and elegant but also has been designed to be functional.

6 shot dispenser with for dividing liquids evenly for parties bars

🥂【6 Shot Glass Dispenser】NOT for large glasses, it’s a smaller product means for SIX small shot glasses, Glass separator products, include GIFT 6 small glasses-6 Ways Shot Glass Dispenser | Glasses Hanging Holder Stand Rack | Carrier Caddy Liquor Dispenser Gifts Drinking Games for Bar Cocktail Party Get Togethers boy&Girls Holiday.

6 shot dispenser with for dividing liquids evenly for parties bars

 🥂【NEW DESIGN AND MATERIAL】Liquid MUST be poured into the direct center to ensure even distribution into each shot glass!ALL shot glasses dispensers are 3D Printed out of SAFE ACRYLIC Food Safety plastic, high infill to ensure sturdiness, we will make it better!

  🥂【Quick Pours 6 Shots At Once】The Glass Dispenser with six shots will allow you to easily fill up to six shot glasses at once with your favorite beer &beverage and then hold them up, all in one!

Fills up multiple shot glasses at one time, saves your time, and prevents wastage, or spillages.

This is the latest new idea.

U will like it!

 🥂【Happy Home Free Time】Enjoy your good wine time when you are spare at home and the office.

This is great for holidays, weekends, party bars, and home bars.

Suitable for six small glasses, and glass separator products.

Portable and lightweight.

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 🥂【Our are SERVICE】We do our best productions the most unique and innovative products we can find, and to make sure that you best possible experience, Liquor Dispenser, and Carrier, Diverse alcohol dispenser bottles shots give the perfect measure each time, neat and elegant way of dispensing.

The liquor dispenser is great for anywhere bars.

Enjoy your nice wine time when you are spare at the home office.


MATERIAL: Acrylic safe plastic Color: Clear color

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 335g (1xdispenser:165g, 6xclear glass shots:170g)

PRODUCT SIZE: 14.5× 14.5 × 18.5cm.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1×Dispenser with 6 Shot Glasses, 6×Silicone plugs Read more 6 shot glass dispensers in white 6 shot glass dispensers in yellow 6 shot glass dispensers in blue 6 shot glass dispensers in purple Portable Stool in Colorful.

Product Dimensions: 5.71 x 5.71 x 7.28 inches

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