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Give Your Family a Practical and Innovative Gift in the Cold Winter

Ice-Scraping will be so much faster and easier with this!


This Scrape-A-Round is designed with double scraping action for super-efficient scraping.

Clear frozen windows THREE times faster than a traditional ice scraper!


Very┬ácomfortable┬áGrasp for ice-scraping with ease! It’s an┬áice-scraping wonder!┬á


Cone-shaped Ice Scraper┬á– Remove even the hardest, frozen frost from your car windows with ease, yet it won’t scratch the glasses.

Three times more efficient than any regular ice scraper.

Simply remove ice/snow in any direction/circle WITHIN SECONDS.

Extra Wide Side┬á– to cover more area for scraping/snow removal

Spikes Side┬á– Ice-breaker


Tap the Spikes side on the ice, and it’ll easily break away.

Comfortable grasp & usage.

Product Specifications:

Material: Plastic

Size: Diameter 14.5 cm

Shape: Cone

Color: Black / blue / red/ green

Package Includes:

1 x Cone-Shaped Windshield Ice Scraper

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