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Allows Kids Minds to Space Out

Redirects distractions and time-wasting to productivity.

Builds self-esteem. Kids don’t procrastinate.

Discover the Magic of Galactic Fidget Drone

Bright multi-color LED lights up like a UFO.

Flies like a UFO. Easy-to-do party tricks on command!

Safe to fly indoors or outside. No FAA Registration Required.

Galactic Fidget Drone is The Most Durable Mini Drone On Any Budget.

Finally, a fast and easy way for kids to pay attention without pills for parents who want to get rid of anxiety for their kids.

Light Up Ordinary Nights with Galactic Fidget Drone

Bright multi-color LED lights up like a UFO.

Easy-to-do party tricks!

New Aerodynamic Drone cage keeps fingers safe and sound.

1 Galactic Fidget Done – 4+ Ways to Play

Animated GIF

Most Kids Only Play Together in Video Games Miles Away from Each Other Never Really Creating Real Friendships

With Galactic Fidget Drone, groups of friends come together away from video games and play anywhere they want.

Imagine Studying for a Test Just to Get Permission to Fly Your Drone!

With Galactic Fidget Drone, you have fun as soon as it’s charged because it doesn’t need any registration.

So you can fly it anywhere from your backyard or across borders without anyone’s permission.

Your Galactic Fidget Drone fully charges with any USB cable.

This gives you unbelievable freedom and flexibility to play no matter your busy schedule.

The Best Way to Deal With the Stress of Fitting in When Your Shy

An instant icebreaker that helps kids talk and play with other classmates without trying too hard to fit in.

Teachers Recommend Fidget Toys to Help Students Concentrate

Galactic Fidget Drone is the teacher recommended toy to help the child concentrate on school work.

Mental Health Experts Came Together to Solve the Growing Anxiety and Attention Deficit Epidemic

Galactic Fidget Drone is built around their idea of solving anxiety and attention deficit problems.

You’re Not Alone Trying to Help Your Child’s Mental Health

Over 200 million fidget toys have shipped to meet parents growing demand to help their child’s mental health.

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