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Start Teaching Your Kids The Good Hygiene

Are your children too short to wash their hands?

Too dangerous to wash standing on a stool?

Here’s the High Elastic Silicone Faucet Extender, helps your child easily wash their hands properly because it lets the water closer to them. 

This faucet extender also lets your bathroom or kitchen extra warmth by getting trendy fixtures and fittings like the High Elastic Silicone Faucet Extender!

It has a cute design that makes it a fun tool for your kids and a great way to teach them good hygiene habits.

The extension feature of this product lets your kids reach it at their range, so they will start to love washing their hands and brushing their teeth. 

Made of food-grade, non-toxic, and elastic material, the extender can be used in just about any faucet.


Kid-friendly: Easily extend your faucets to a kid’s reachable range so they can wash with ease.

Better Hygiene: A great way to teach your children good hygiene during their early ages.

Easier Teeth Brushing: You can squeeze the front opening to create a water fountain for easier gargling or drinking

Safe To Use: Made from a food-grade, non-toxic and odorless material to guarantee your safety.

Cute Design: Will make it fun and easy for your kids to use. Great for small children, easy and fun to use

Easy Installation: No tools are required just squeeze on both sides and push it into your faucet. Fits standard bathroom and kitchen faucets.


Materials: Silicone

Length: 7cm x 3.3cm

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