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🐉🐉A Perfect Gift for Dragon Lovers, Fantasy Fans, or Anyone Who Loves Cool Things.

Dragon with the luminous ball – “Daiki” donates gentle light Decoratively, the sweet luck dragon nestles his dream ball and is equal to it.

Such a dragon life can be pretty exhausting.

Dreamseller “Daiki” is an eye-catching eye-catcher for your home, whether inside the apartment or outside, e.g. on a terrace or balcony.

When lighting is switched on, the ball shines in an atmospherically warm light.

This sweet buddha Dragon is the ultimate representation of peacefulness. To bring a smile to all who see it.

Dragon “Daiki” with the luminous ball “

Atmospheric ball light with a dragon figure

Size: 3.14″*5.9″*7″

suitable for indoors and outdoors

Lumbering lucky dragon designed in detail

Light with warm white LED

LED – small but Oho! The advantages are apparent: LEDs consume significantly less energy than conventional lamps and are extremely durable.

They also develop no heat, are particularly shockproof, and contain no mercury.

Handmade, Limited Quantity, it will sell out fast. 

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