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Kids Portable Play Travel Tray provides a sturdy surface for travel treats and toys.

Make that trip to Grandma’s house a breeze while they play in their seat!!   

Perfect for your on-the-go family, this tray is designed to meet the needs of today’s travel-friendly children.

The car seat/Stroller tray provides a flat, safe area to eat and play.

Fits most booster seats; Lays flat on your child’s lap and buckles behind them.

Perfect for car seats, strollers, plane rides, and much more.

Soft, durable, soft foam side reinforcements folds.

Materials: Nylon, Foam, and Polyester.

Includes 2 large side pockets and a 3.25-inch wall stop.

The tray measures 15 inches across and 12 inches deep.

Recommended for on-the-go families.

Soft enough to be safe for small children but strong enough to hold up to 2lbs or 1kg worth of toy cars, coloring books, markers, lego sets (a 12.9inch iPad PRO weighs 1.6lbs)

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