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This handy Kitchen utensil can shred and slice vegetables into small strips.

Recommended for preparing delicious salads cousins and soups.

Can easily and consistently shred various vegetable stems, such as onions, chimes, young garlic leaf, spinach, scallion, and more.


DISH PRESENTATIONIt is an authentic kitchen utensil to shred vegetables. 

Use this cutter on your dish preparation to make it more appealing and more appetizing.

STAINLESS STEEL100% high-quality stainless steel, it is a thin metal rod attached to a round set of sharp blades arranged like wheel spokes.

Design to cut onion spring, scallion, or any vegetable evenly thin.

360 DEGREES BLADEIt has sharp blades, which can easily slide on your vegetables to achieve fast and efficient cutting.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, sharp and high in hardness, easy to clean, and will not rust.

EASY TO USETo use it, simply go through the stem of the vegetable, into the rod, and run it through the blades.

The results resemble something you’d get from a spiralizer, except even more uniform.


Materials: Stainless steel

Size: Length 11cm/4.3inch

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