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No longer need loose cabinet doors and drawers with these magnetic door stoppers!

No more drilling on the door stoppers!

This Ultra-thin Magnetic Door Buckle is strong enough to keep cabinet door, drawer, lid, sliding wardrobe door or blinds closed, or keep doors open.

Strong magnetic force ensures that your cabinet doors and drawers are no longer loose.

This power is on the side and will not make it difficult for you to open the closet or drawer.


Ultra-Thin Design – Only 4 mm thick with a magnetic force of 2 kg.

This magnetic drawer latch is thin enough to not be noticed. 

Also strong enough to keep cabinet door, drawer, lid, sliding wardrobe door, or blinds closed.

Easy to Install Provide powerful adhesive and screws for the two way easily installation, without drilling screw holes by using the adhesive to protect your expensive furniture from damage, and use the screws for punching makes the drawer magnet catch more stable and stronger.


Strong Magnetism Strong magnetic force ensures that your cabinet door and drawer won’t be loose anymore. 

This force is just right and won’t make you feel hard to open your cabinet or drawer.


Long-Lasting Durability These flat magnets for cabinets are made of metal material, against corrosion, cracking, more durable and long-lasting than the plastic one.

The cabinet door closer also comes with stainless steel mounting high-quality screws.

You don’t need to worry about the screw will easily break on the installation process again.


Wide Application These magnetic door locks are suitable for RVs, homes, offices, and shops, very suitable for doors, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, shutters, wardrobes, and other household furniture.

Using Methods

Confirm the location to be installed and clean the surface of the cabinet door.

Stick the double-sided tape separately on the two iron sheets ( do not stick it on the round magnet surface ).

Stick it to the cabinet door and press firmly to ensure a tight connection.

After 10 minutes ( very important ), close the door and check it.


Material: Stainless Steel+ Strong Magnetic

Size: 41mmx17mmx2.5mm/1.6×0.6×0.1″

Weight: 25 g

Package Includes ( 1 Set )

1 Set x Magnet Door Buckles

2 x Adhesive

4 x Screws


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