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They Create A Comfortable Environment for You and Your Care!

— 100% covering the rear side window then provides maximum shading protection for you and your family, as well as lowering the temperature in the car.

When you go out or on a trip, you can better enjoying the music, movies, video games, reading and food, you and your children, parents, friends, pets can be more relaxed, more comfortable.

Even when parked!

The Perfect Fit

This flexible and stretchy sunshade curtain is universal to fit All types of cars. 

Easy installation within just seconds!

Protect your child from ultraviolet rays and the glare of the sun

Double-layer high-quality stretchy polyester and high-density weaving provide a much better shading effect.

Protect your baby from UV rays and sun glare.

No sunburn, but cooler and more comfortable.

Anti-Mosquitoes, Insects

Imagine that when you and your family get tired on the road, you want to rest in the car without being disturbed by mosquitoes.

This shade can really help you. Especially for your little angel.

Enjoy Fresh Air

After installing the product, you can still raise or lower the Windows freely to allow fresh air to flow into your car.

High-quality Material & Easy to Install

The car side window sunshade is made of high-stretch Nylon mesh cloth, easy to wear, as shown in the picture, step by step, do not need any sucker or paste, completely cover the car window.

YOU NEED THEM!–Ultraviolet rays can cause serious harm to people’s health:

* the immune function dropsï¼›

* deep harm to genetic factorsï¼›

* skin cancer, cataract incidence increasedï¼›

* and behind the hands and feet of the stain, cancer incidence increased…

But our car window shades can help you block most of the UV light!


✅Eliminate sun glare & excess ultraviolet radiation.

✅ Block out unbearable heat and reduce excess energy costs.

✅Avoid car seat interior material from aging and fading.

Prevent your children from getting burned, overheated, or bitten by bugs.

✅Protect privacy in the car.


Material: Anti-UV Mesh Fabric

Size: Front Window: 51*46cm (20.1*18.1inch)

Rear Window: 120*52cm (47.2*20.5inch)


Front Window Set (1 pair)

Rear Window Set (1 pair)

Full 4-pcs Set (Front +Rear Window)

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